final essay format and thesis 1

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For the Final Research Essay, you are to choose between the “Critical Analysis” and the “Comparison/Contrast” Essay formats, and clearly indicate your selection. The final essay should focus on one of three (3) options, and that option should be noted on the submission:

  • (1) focus on a minimum of three works by a single-author, or
  • (2) focus on three works by a combination of authors, or
  • (3) address Shakespeare’s Othello, using one of the options in the attached Othello document. The thesis must be a single statement, and the essay format must be identified; your thesis must also include identification of the writer(s) and work(s) you will be focusing on.
  • The final essay should engage a critical analysis or comparison/contrast of some literary aspect of the work(s) under consideration.
  • Example: Essay Format; Option #; and Thesis; followed by a statement of purpose (what you intend to accomplish through the essay).

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