find one published research article to summarize and critique. The article should cover just one of this different tests( Null Hypothesis Testing,One-way Between-Subjects ANOVA​ or One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA​ ).

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you agree with the methodology?).
The paper should include an introduction of the study/topic, and address the following:
• What was the purpose, research question, and hypotheses?
• What methods were used (design, variables, type of statistical test) ?
• What are the results and key implications?
• A critique
Do you believe the researchers chose the best method to answer the research
§ Why or why not?
Did the researchers choose the best statistical test to answer the hypotheses?
What would you have done differently to answer the same research questions
(i.e.; used a repeated measures design, added an extra variable, used a different
test, etc.); why?

P:S summary should be no longer than 3 pages
(does not include the cover and reference pages). Papers should follow APA format (double
spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, 1” margins, cover page, and reference page).

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