fire fighting innovations

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Fire Engine. Ladder Truck..Rescue…Brush Rig…whatever apparatus you will work on during your career, no doubt will come with the latest innovation and NFPA Standards. After reading Chapter 10 about fire apparatus, it is obvious the fire service apparatus design has evolved in a short amount of time. This evolution is driven by technology advances, firefighter use, policies and local requirements. This week’s discussion includes your reflection on three questions.

1. What innovations do you feel are “must have” requirements on a new fire apparatus?

2. What requirements should be included for a Code 3 (lights and sirens) driving policy? (Consider some google research) As example, Do you feel firefighters ALWAYS use seat belts when driving? Is there anytime where it is acceptable NOT to wear a seatbelt?

3. What should the discipline be in the event an employee breaks a policy on driving or seatbelt use? Your thoughts? Read the chapter first and explore online for a better understanding of fire service requirements. Hint NFPA 1901…

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