Fluid mechanics

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Course Project Assignment

you will be required to complete a course project. This project is focused on addressing the ABET outcome that graduates will have knowledge of contemporary issues.

Contemporary Issues in Fluid Mechanics

For this option, you will develop a 2-3 page overview or research summary of a contemporary issue in fluid mechanics. This could focus on a current research topic in fluids or a more applied topic, but either way, it must be a contemporary issue. Several examples would include: fluid mechanics in a microgravity environment, the skirts that we are nowseeing on many semi’s for drag reduction, the process of “fracking” when drilling for gas andoil, or even the guy skydiving that attempts to break the sound barrier. Look for any current research topic in fluid mechanics or a topic that industry is pursing in the area of fluids.

Your assignment will be submitted on an 8.5 x 11 page, single space, Times New Roman font, 12 pt, with 1” margins. If you include a graph, photo or image, you can go up to three pages. Three pages is the MAX. Make sure to list ALL references used to develop this summary. Note;I will be using the “Turn-It-In” software to check for plagiarism.

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