Food cost 5 questions

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1. Chef Alice made 27 Blueberry Crêpes for a party. Each crêpe contained 6 ounces of cleaned blueberries. The yield percent for blueberries is 95 percent. If Chef Alice bought blueberries in season for $2.07 per pound, how much would the blueberries cost for the party?

2. For a dessert you are making, you have purchased 4 pounds of raspberries at $6.65 per pound. When you prepare the raspberries, you have a 4 percent trim loss. How much would 1 pound of cleaned raspberries cost?

3. You need 4.5 pounds of cleaned lettuce to make enough salad for a party of 20 people. Each head weighs 2.25 pounds and the yield percent is 77 percent. A head of lettuce costs $1.89. What is the cost of the lettuce for this party?

4.You purchase 3 pounds of fresh lychee nuts for $12.26 and the yield is 65 percent. What is the edible portion cost per pound for the fresh lychee nuts?

5. A recipe for Fresh Mango Chutney calls for 2 pounds of small diced mango. Mangos are purchased by the each for $0.99. Each mango weighs approximately 10 ounces and has a yield of 64%. How much will the mango for this recipe cost?

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