Foraging Biology Lab Report

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This is basically a short research paper, rather than a lab report, but you still use the Lab Report Guides available on Blackboard to structure your paper. It should be only up to 4-5 pages including one figure and one table with your raw data included in the Appendix section.

Introduction: There should be an introduction that states the importance and aims of the study. It gives some background on working with giving-up-densities (what a GUD is and why it is useful) and presents the three hypotheses that you tested.

Methods: Write all about the design and how you ran the experiment and the analysis (i.e., what descriptive and hypothesis-testing statistics did you use?)

Results: State the results in declarative ways without discussing what they mean. Do however interpret your statistics as outlined above. Include your figure in this section.

Discussion: Discuss your results and compare them to studies from literature (e.g., what do your results mean, what are the main conclusions, what did you learn about the rabbits or sparrows).

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