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WRITE a 750 to 1000 word
paper titled Investment on the following: Download the annual income
statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements for the last three fiscal
years forFord Motor Company. Compute
three different valuation ratios, three different profitability ratios, and
three financial strength ratios for each of the three years.  Compare the
ratios over time.  What do they say about the profitability and strength
of Ford Motor Company?  Is Ford Motor Company a ‘good investment’? 
Defend your answer.

For introduction: describe
the Ford Company (when was it found by whom, where, how did it start, etc,, to
give an idea of the company to readers)

for ratios, please show
calculations .

You will find the following on the attached document on the specified

Page 108: Balance sheet (it does not have year 2012- see the
link below for 2012)

Page 110: Consolidated statement of cash flows

Page 106 Consolidated Income statement

For Ford Company Balance sheet 2012 see link below:

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