Forecasting – Quantitative Analysis for Manegement, homework help

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Assignment: Delphi

This assignment will assess the following
8. Develop systematic decisions regarding the importance of quality control and


For this assignment you will construct a
hypothetical Delphi study.

First, read the article on “The Delphi Method for Graduate

Include each of the following in your answer (if
applicable – explain in a paragraph)

1.  Research
problem – what do you want to solve using Delphi?

2.  sample –
who will participate and why (5 -10 sentences)

3.  round one
questionnaire (include 5 hypothetical questions you would like to ask)

4.  Discuss
possible outcomes of the findings from your study – this is the conclusion.
(one paragraph/5-7 sentences)

Your example should address a research problem, and provide explanation
about each step in the process. You should provide examples of questions you
would ask, and potential benefits/outcomes of

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