Formal report about global working, English homework help

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The formal report’s scenario will be that the company you are working for has decided to do business globally and has started working  with country X(could be any) .  You have been asked to do research and find out how country X conducts business.  You must address how the country views teamwork, setting up appointments, expectations at meetings, negotiating, body language, business dinners, concept of time, and any other topic that interests you about country X.  For this formal report, you must site your sources and include a reference page.  Remember this is not due until week 9.  A good website to go to is

Here is what it needs in report:


 The introduction of a report serves a number of important functions:

 1. putting the report in a broader context by tying it to a problem or an assignment

 2. telling readers the report’s purpose

 3. previewing the report’s contents and organization

 4. establishing the tone of the report and the writer’s relationship with the audience


 The body of the report follows the introduction. It consists of the major sections or chapters (with various levels of headings) that present, analyze, and interpret the findings gathered as part of your investigation.  The body of your report should be approximately 3-5 single spaced pages. 

 One of the decisions to make when writing the body of your report is how much detail to include. Your decision depends on the nature of your information, the purpose of your report, and the preferences of your audience. In general, provide enough detail in the body to support your conclusions and recommendations.

 Source documentation:

 When writing the text of the report, you need to decide how to acknowledge your sources. You have an ethical and a legal obligation to give other people credit for their work. Acknowledging your sources also enhances the credibility of your report. By citing references in the text, you demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched the topic. Mentioning the names of well-known or important authorities on the subject also helps build credibility for your message. In fact, it’s often a good idea to mention a credible source’s name several times if you need to persuade the audience.

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