General data protection regulation and data protection

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Assignment Requirements

  • Choose one concept, topic, model, technology … etc (X) that you have been studied and
  • Understand and discover X in details.
  • Spend some time exploring the X as much as possible with different readings channels.
  • Write a brief report (5500 words) on X evaluated and reviewed from IT perspective. You
    should discuss at least the following concepts:

    • What is X?
    • What are the key Information Security concepts apparent in X?
    • What are the X typical activities?
    • What are the technological, human, and financial resources need to support the X
    • Is X a helpful venture for the organization? For the users? If so how does it help in
      conducting different e-activities and functions?
    • What function does X serve or cater to from the following perspectives: economical,
      and technological?
    • What is the importance of X regarding IT process?
    • What are the benefits and challenges of X?
    • Provide some case studies or statistics that indicate the importance of X in different
      Format and Submission
    • Report for the Assignment should be typed up in a word processor and submitted
      electronically .doc or .pdf file format.
    • Type should not be smaller than 12 point Times New Roman, with single spacing for
      most sections.
    • The report should be submitted via Blackboard or E-mail.
    • You at least should have the following details:
      Ø Assignment Cover page clearly stating your name and student number.
      Ø A table of contents.
      Ø A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about.
      Ø A bibliography or list of references.
      Ø Diagrams and tables clearly labelled and explained.
    • Ensure all material is correctly referenced. Plagiarism will be severely penalized.

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