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    1)  What are the three necessary conditions for knowledge, according to Ayer’s justified true belief
    (“JTB”) account? Is Smith justified in believing the one who will get the job has 10 coins in his

    2)  Why does Gettier argue that JTB’s don’t count as knowledge? How does he challenge the idea
    that JTB’s count (or suffice as) knowledge?

    3)  Even though Smith is unaware of the facts that make his justified belief true, can we say he has
    knowledge? Why or why not?

    4)  Suppose the first proposition in the JTB account was “P is false” instead of “P is true”. If subject
    S rejects a false proposition, might this count as a kind of knowledge? In your view, is it more
    important that knowledge reject false beliefs, or that it track the truth?

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