GPS Applications in Agriculture and Construction, writing homework help

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GPS Applications in Agriculture and Construction

the Research paper topic is: Innovation of Digital map surveying with using GPS & GIS systems.     (this is article overview) 

– 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins all sides, single spaced, 

– APA 6th edition

–  Students may use up – to a ½ page of pictures in the paper to explain the
process/research/technology or place them as appendices at the end of the paper

–  Students must use in citations in the text and list these citations on a reference page in
alphabetical order per APA style
 No abstract is needed for this paper.

Content of the Project 

(4-5 pages plus cover page and
  Did the author explain the
  Did the author explain the impact of the
 Did the author discuss the future of the
process/research/technology and any challenges
associated with the process/research/technology?

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