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I am starting my dissertation and are you available to do with me. This is my dissertation title: “Information Management in disaster and humanitarian response: A case in United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. We have 5 different classes/chapters each covering six weeks as usual. The first six weeks we should be to cover introduction, then 2. Literature review,, 3. Methodology, 4. Execution and IRB, and 5. Wrapping up. I got a green light to get data and we can also access them online available data. We can also use FEMA experiences…

Please confirm if you are able to do this with me for the next 5X6 = 30 weeks with a weekly submission which I will share as a detailed requirements.

This invite is only for the first six weeks.

I selected 23 days but remember to send me weekly submissions as per the requirement document.


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