Having a handle and a hashtag are super important when it comes to branding a product

Discussion – Interactions and Social Media

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This discussion has THREE parts to complete.

Part One:  We’ve been reading and learning about how social media trends and how they affect our lives. Now let’s brainstorm together to explore further. How have all of the changes in social media impacted how people treat each other, spend time with one another, interact with each other? Is social media a way to form new relationships, date, share ideas? What do you think about this and why?

Part Two:  Having a handle and a hashtag are super important when it comes to branding a product. If you had your own business, what would it be? What would your twitter handle be? (The @ part of the name). What would your #hashtag be? Why? If you had to go live for 30 seconds on any social media platform to promote your business or product, what would you say? What would your logo look like? Could you include any hidden message in it?

Part Three : Think back to previous commercials you’ve seen in your lifetime. Which one still stands out to you? Did you ever have a favorite? What about it made it catchy or effective? What theory/theories can relate to this specific commercial? Feel free to include a link if you’d like, kind of like this Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhvfAAdK3Dw