Hazardous Chemical List of 10 Chemicals in Your Home Paper

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a hazardous chemical list of 10 chemicals in your home, workplace, or
from a home improvement store. If you don’t have continuous access to
these 10 chemicals, it is important to take pictures of the whole label
to evaluate this information later in the semester. Chemicals may be
solid, liquid, or gas. Do not include exempt chemicals in the list
(cosmetics, food, etc.).

Your inventory should include:

  1. Product identifier
  2. Manufacturer Name
  3. Quantity (Volume or Weight)
  4. Physical State (Solid, liquid, gas)
  5. Container type (plastic bottle, cardboard box, etc.)
  6. Location
    (all locations if found in more than one place on-site; not the address
    of the site unless you are dealing with more than one address)

put the inventory on a spreadsheet, creating a column for each of the 6
items listed above. The spreadsheet columns should follow the 6 items
in order, from left to right. You DO NOT need to submit label photos
with the assignment, but you may want to save them in your google drive
to access them later.

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