Health care in the US is fragmented at the state, community and practice levels, writing help

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Health care in the US is fragmented at the state, community and practice levels. Even with the passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 there are no set national policies that guide health care systems, therefore states divide their responsibilities between multiple agencies, while providers practicing in the same community and caring for the same patient work independently of each other often with no knowledge another practitioner is treating the same patient. In our current system patients navigate without assistance, their is a lack of communication and accountability between providers who are treating the same patient, quality of care suffers due to a lack of Quality Improvement infrastructures, poor clinical information systems, and lack of high value primary care, preventive medicine and chronic disease management (Schoenbaum et al., 2008).

The Common Wealth Fund identified identified  areas of focus for a sustainable health care delivery system. These areas include the availability of clinical information that is available to all providers via an electronic health record, coordination of patient care among providers, accountability between all members of the health care team, a quality assurance infrastructure,  patient access to multiple points of entry into the health care system, and providers that are culturally competent and responsive to patient’s needs (Schoenbaum et al., 2008). 

The issues that resulted in the need for health care reform continue to include  what I have just mentioned regarding our fragmented system. Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, Americans were not getting the effective health care they needed, at the time they needed it, or at an affordable price. Unfortunately this still seems to be the case. Americans remain under insured due to the cost and do not have the access to health care that they need. No single policy will will fix our health care system or ensure it is sustainable until reorganization at the practice, community, state, and national levels occur (Torey, 2016) . 

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