Health Management Information System Executives, assignment help

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  • Please submit assignment in a single Microsoft Word file.
  • Please remember to not only be clear, concise, and professional with your answers but also label and number your answers accordingly.


2-1 Imagine you came into a company without an organizational IT strategy. Describe in detail how you would develop an IT strategy. Some questions to consider are: a). Who would be involved in the strategy meeting? b). How would you involve participants in developing a strategy? What questions would you ask? c). How would you get participants to adopt your shared vision?

2-2 In your own words, what are the role and responsibilities of a CIO? What would be the difference between the role and responsibilities of a CEO vs. a CIO in a healthcare services organization if both of these executives were appointed? Who would the CEO pick to be the most appropriate senior executive responsible for HMIS in the absence of a CIO? Why?

2-3 What are the three most important traits of a CIO? On a scale from 1 to 10, rank yourself in each of these categories. For each trait, give an example of a time you did and did not demonstrate this trait effectively. How might you improve your score in each category?

2-4 How does an executive such as a CIO become an effective leader? What will be the greatest challenge in a healthcare services organizational context?

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