answer all question thoroughly no outside sources please

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chapter 13 moral or immoral read page highlighted`culturals & values attached

Ethnocentrism puts forth the belief that we can never truly understand another culture because we are viewing it through the lens of our own culture. Consider the example in the text on the practice of female genital mutilation. Can we judge this practice as wrong? On what grounds, if any, can we judge the practices of another culture as moral or immoral?

chapter 13 cultural identity ( read page 1/2 heighten subcultural/multicultural

“Culture is a lens through which we view the world”.

1. What does this quote mean to you?

2. What happens when we belong to more than one culture? While we may all identify with one main culture, in reality, don’t we all belong to many subcultures? How does having a multicultural perspective clarify or cloud your lens?

Answer all questions, and develop your answer thoroughly

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