current event final project

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As virus spreads, other countries can learn from China


I am really interested in this topic, since my major is nursing.

And this corona virus is spreading fast, so we want to know how to deal with it?

Anything that we learn from china to prevent this disease from spreading?

And the disease reached middle east nowadays where my family is, that made me more nervous and more interested to search and write essay about

This is the professor answer:

Sounds great! For the historical context part, you will want to reference perhaps other massive global disease outbreaks, perhaps the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. And you also might want to mention the historical idea of “globalization,” since we’ve spent so much time in class exploring how we have gotten to the current state of global connection in the world, which is obviously influencing the spread of the coronavirus

Assignment #1

To make up some of the points that I’ve eliminated from the course by removing the final exam, I’m giving students another opportunity to earn some points that will also help students do well on the current events project.

Please create a bibliography of the sources that you plan to use for your current events paper. You may use whatever citation style you are most familiar with. The paper requires a minimum of 4 sources. If students submit 4 appropriate sources that could actually be used for their paper here, students will receive all 40 possible points.

If you want to change your topic from what you originally selected, please also submit information about your new topic with this bibliography assignment.

Assignment #2

  • The goal of the project is to understand a current world event in historical context, using the skills you have learned in class this semester.
  • Therefore, in the paper, students will:
  • summarize the current event
  • briefly explain the historical context related to the event
  • analyze why the event is significant.

Paper formatting components:

  • Minimum of 4 pages of content, double spaced
  • Times New Roman, size 12 font
  • Minimum of 4 sources, cited in APA, MLA, or Chicago formatting (please include both in-text citations and a bibliography/works cited page)

Writing the paper:

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