analyzing sample reports


Review the two sample reports from the NASA (Links to an external site.) and the US Executive Branch (Links to an external site.).

Then, post a reply in which you answer the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of each report?
  2. What did you see in the report to suggest this purpose?
  3. List at least two audiences of each report. How did you know these were the audiences?
  4. Identify at least three design choices in each report that you feel are effective (think pictures, borders, colors, text size, columns, graphs, etc.) Be SPECIFIC?
  5. How do these design choices meet the needs of the audience? How do they achieve the report’s purpose?
  6. What are the major similarities and differences of the two reports (beyond content – think purpose, audience, design)?
  7. How might you apply what you’ve learned to your project 4 report?