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PS 190B Lifespan Development

Discussion Board Week 2: March 23rd

1.What is the key difference between Bandura’s social learning theory and behavioristic theories? And, discuss one way the theories are similar.

2.Bandura says there is a reciprocal influence between behavior, environment, and cognitions.

A.What does this mean?

B.Can you think of an example of this in everyday life? Please be detailed in your answer.

3.Bandura says we learn a great deal by doing what? (Hint: this is a key premise of his theory)

4.a) What does it mean to be “socialized”? Please refer to ppt./text to answer this question.

b) In what way do you think the socialization process in your home culture influences gender roles?

5.Have you ever been classically conditioned? Please provide a personal example, and make sure you address classical conditioning, not operant conditioning in your answer.

6.Would you put your child in B.F. Skinner’s air crib? Why or Why not? Please be specific by discussing your own views of the pros and cons to it.

Note: This week, in addition to answering all 6 questions in your discussion post, I would like you to respond to one other student’s post regarding their answer to either Question 5 or 6.

Your response post should include what you found interesting in the student’s post with regard to their answer to either question 5 or question 6. For example, maybe the student wrote about the same classical conditioning experience you’ve had, so you could share your experience in your response post. Or, if a student had an interesting response to the air crib question, you might make a comment on it. Please be respectful in your response posts to others.

Response posts should be a minimum of one paragraph (4-6 sentences) in length.

Directions for your original posts are as follows:

Copy and Paste each question and type answer below.

Please answer each question in complete sentences and in your own words. Copied answers from other sources will lose points and/or result in a 0.

Each answer should be at least one to two paragraphs in length (minimum of 4-6 sentences per paragraph). *This doesn’t mean that you can’t write more, and in most cases you will want to.

As I mentioned last week, I am adjusting due dates for the discussion boards this week and for all weeks moving forward to more closely align with our regular in-class time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (*I will try to adhere to this schedule from now on, but please be flexible if I need to change due dates/times as we move forward.)

Discussion Post will be due Thursday, March 26 by 8pm.

Response Post will be due Friday, March 27th by 8pm.

*Earlier responses are always welcomed and appreciated.