easy questions about networking

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I expect 3 documents

1- Module 2: Online Gaming Assignment

Last week we discussed Local Exchange Carriers. In addition to explaining ethernet standards and protocols. What is a Local Exchange Carrier. Well an example would be a phone carrier for cellular/mobile service. Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, TracFone, etc to name a few.

Local Exchange Carriers as we discussed use standards to transmit data over a network. Their specific network belonging to the Local Exchange Carriers network. If you are on Verizon, ATT, Sprint, Comcast, U-Verse, T-Mobile. These are all exchange carriers. You must be a node on their network to be able to communicate using their standards of communication. They are essential a local, wide and metro area networks. I thought I would make it a little more fun to have you write a paper about online gaming. How does the data travel based on the information provided in the past lectures. You have an understanding of LAN, WAN, & MAN. We also discuss the various standards. Use this information and describe as best you can how you think in online gaming data travels on a PS4 online network or use any online gaming network. All players are in different regions using different service providers and local exchanges. If you need more clarification please do not hesitate to ask me any questions.

see attached file

2- Windows Server Overview Paper

As we discussed in lecture this week regarding Windows Server. The network operating system has changed in recent years. The focus has been primarily on security and permission level access. This brings us to the discussion surrounding “Active Directory”


Active Directory serves a repository or a dashboard for all the “overhead” or devices, nodes, users, etc that you will be responsible for managing. It makes sense because who wants to manually manage devices. The structure is broken down by domains, forests, OU (organizational units) etc.

Active Directory can be extremely overwhelming but it is central to any IT environment today. Many of you have worked somewhere and upon hire you needed access to the computer or logging into some application etc. This most likely is managed access via active directory. Active directory is great when it works! When it stops working or not working properly not so great. Headache! Windows based environments are typically under attack by hackers and cyber criminals. Why? Because most business or organizations are windows based or most likely to be running windows. Which brings up the question of Linux. Linux is very robust and custom to every install. Meaning no two businesses that use linux will be setup the same. As a result this creates a security built-in by default. It is harder to write code that is malicious for architecture that is unique versus an environment that uses the same shell/code in every iteration which is Microsoft Windows products. I hope that makes sense?

For this assignment:

Linux is another operating system for networking. Many large companies such as Google, Apple, and IBM to name a few use linux or Unix.

Here are few things to consider:

Linux is free

Linux does not require extensive hardware

Linux code is not bloated and memory dependent (resource hog)

Linux is superior in terms of security.

Write two page paper on your opinion why you think the world has not caught on to linux?

3- Security Policies Week 3-26-2020

Please watch the video on GPO (Group Policy Objects) to build your understanding of why this is important to know.

You will be required to write a two page paper attempting to answer the following questions:


1. What are the pros and cons of GPO?

2. If you have computers that are not windows based such as apple/linux do you think group policy would work effectively?



please note i expect 3 files each one is a different assignment


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