how to write a response 1

Basic expectations:

500 words, total, of your own original writing (do not include prompt or long quotes, for example).

For the first 300 words, tell us about a foodway you have been participating in as part of the new Coronavirus social distancing practices. Maybe you Google Hangout a shared meal with folks in other quarantine locations. Maybe your family has maintained a particular food practice under increased stress and careful preparation. Perhaps your consumer identity within the food system has been confined to only certain foods and access options. It may be the case, as it is for some people I know, that you are having meals alone for the most part and not employing technological means (even telephones) to share them. And that may even be fairly ‘normal’ for many of us, too! Americans eat a lot of meals alone these days, for sure!

Whether a meal practice or a particular consumption/access issue or something else, discuss identity in relation to whichever foodway you discuss here, per the textbook’s discussion of these ideas. For example, you should employ terms from the reading such as identity work and cultural capital, perhaps directly engaging one or more of the three principles highlighted in Chapter 1:

1. Food is richly symbolic and undeniably material;

2. People’s experiences with food are individual and social;

3. Foodways and food systems both reflect and shape social inequality.

Remember, again, that foodways can be specific dishes, important meals, cultural traditions, everyday habits and populist preferences, the subjectivity of food access issues and poverty, etc.

For the second 200 words, reflect upon the poem “Freeway 280,” provided in course files and repeated in several lecture slides as well. Try to take up one or more of these questions in your response:• How does this speaker negotiate conflicting identities/desires?

• What is the conflict between technology and the natural world?

• How is ‘gleaning’ posed as authentic agriculture?

• What is an example of inauthentic foodways in the poem?

• What about local knowledge and community customs?

Embedded pictures and sincere peer responses are encouraged! These posts will be shared as one big class group- not in your smaller sections- and so this will be an EPIC discussion board! Let’s see if Canvas can handle us lol.