coll300 writing 2

Assignment Instructions

Topic: Is transportation important in the economic development of a country?

Instructions: Using the information from this week’s reading material, submit an Annotated Bibliography of 5 sources from your working bibliography. First, put the source in the correct citation format for your particular curricular division, and then write a brief annotation of that source. The annotation should describe the main ideas covered in the source as well as an evaluation by you for the source’s usefulness for your project.

Remember that an online source can be a number of things. It can be a book, journal article, blog, podcast script, website, government report, newspaper article or editorial, or something else. Be sure to analyze each source carefully and follow the style guide in presenting the needed info. One goal in your annotation is to help your readers find the source if they want more information, so make it easy for them to do so.

Formart in APA

I have attached the sources that the annotated bibliography will be done on

one source is attached here and the other four are attached pdf’s

1. Sustainable transport and Economic Development

September 1997, Volume 31, Part 3, Pages 325-330

Ken Gwilliam

I have attached a sample assignment as well. The sample is in MLA FORMAT, THIS ASSIGNMENT REQUIRES APA FORMAT.