effective leadership term paper

I gathered 12 research articles for my final term paper. The pages should be at least 9-10 pages, and you don’t have to write more than 10 pages. I attached term paper rubric and sample below. Also, I posted presentation rubric below. Please fill out the answers based on the term paper in detail. This term paper has many requirements. Please read carefully.

1. Describe your topic:

How to become a successful leader in the Hospitality Industry?

2. How might this specific topic be related to your future career plans:

I am studying the hospitality industry. I am going to work in a hotel in China. I am going to work at the front desk department and I will be the leader of this department. This topic will be able to learn how to lead employees as leaders, impact of servant leadership, the importance of listening, or the responsibilities of being a leader. Therefore, this topic will be very helpful for my future career.

For writing style, professor said “you can focus on reviewing relevant literature, as long as toward the end you discuss strategies based on your research that you might use in your intended career”.

Also, he said, “You should have toward the end of the paper, some recommendations, suggestions basis on your research for the paper as you how might use somebody’s idea in this paper with your intended career”.

I would like to focus on servant leadership and making some observations about how this might have to be adjusted if used in China.

Explanation of question number 8 “Culture Dimensions”: How might a particular national or organizational culture impact some of the issues and strategies you discuss in your paper. What accommodations might need to be made to deal with these cultural issues?

**Please send it by April 12, Sunday.