final project 323

Final project

You can earn a maximum of 50 pts by writing a final project report. You need to complete all the following tasks in your final project report.

1. Find and read a peer-reviewed research article from a research topic that you are interested in. Find the statistical analysis part and identify their use of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Explain what they did and what they found by those analyses.

2. Find one or more datasets to showcase your understanding of statistics. The datasets with our textbook are available on canvas and you can use them. You need to write a report including the following components (1) research question (2) descriptive analysis: central tendency, variability, (2) estimation, (3) Null hypothesis significance testing of comparing more than two means, (4) R code for all analysis steps. (5) figures or tables for all analysis steps

B) From the online instruction period, attendance will be taken through online discussion in canvas. (I will provide you with each once the instructor posts them)