irb review of your proposal 1

Some of your Week 6 Learning Resources and Week 6 Discussion 1 focused on the role of the IRB and your responsibilities for addressing ethical issues in your proposed research. In Week 7, you completed Part I (of II) of the Nature of the Study: You have created research questions, and identified your research design and rationale for that design. Now that you are this far along in drafting your Prospectus, this week you will revisit IRB requirements and your responsibilities for designing an ethical study, completing Part II of the Nature of the Study.

To prepare for this Discussion, review both the IRB and ethics resources in your Learning Resources. In addition, review the section on receiving IRB approval on Walden’s Doctoral Capstone Resources website located in this Week’s Resources. Consider your selection of research design, methodology, population, sampling procedures, and data collection and analysis plans.

By Day 3, post:

  • An explanation of the potential ethical issues, risks, and benefits of your proposed study, based on the questions in Section III, Potential Risks and Benefits, on the IRB Application.
  • What you can do in formulating your entire research plan to ensure that it will pass initial IRB review?

Respond by Day 6 to at least two of your colleagues who have not yet had a reply, in any of the following