can you write a reading reflection for my sociology class

Reading Reflection Assignments In this course, you are responsible for writing 4 reading reflections throughout the semester. Each journal entry should be at least two double-spaced pages, and should connect the course readings to your everyday life and observations. These reflections can be relatively informal, and you should think of them as a safe space; I will not share your thoughts with the class. However, I do expect you to use correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. In these reflections, I expect you to reference at least two course readings from the current unit. When you reference these readings, please give an in-text citation or footnote. There is no set structure to the reading reflections; you can explore why you liked or disliked a reading, but be sure to give context and explain why. You can discuss how a particular reading shifted your worldview, or maybe challenged some longstanding belief you have. You could relate one of the readings to a memorable event in your life, or to something you observed in society. The biggest takeaway is that you can identify and understand sociological processes going on around you, and you can relate these processes to the literature. Below are some examples of what I’m not looking for, followed by an example of what I am looking for: Scenario 1: “I didn’t like the reading because it was boring” – I’m looking for greater depth than this. Tell me why you found it boring. What could it have done better? “I thought the reading spent too much time defining the concept and not enough time relating it to the world. Because of this, I found it to be tedious.” – This is a good example of critiquing a reading and explaining why you didn’t like it. Scenario 2: “I just don’t agree with the author.” – Tell me why you don’t agree. Give me examples from your life or from the literature “I don’t agree with the author. I find gender roles to be more fluid. For example, my cousin is a 7-year old boy, but he plays with My Little Ponies.” – This statement did a nice job – they stated they didn’t agree, posited their opinion, and gave an example. Scenario 3: “I thought the reading was awesome” – I’m glad you liked it, but tell me more! How did it relate to your life or to your observations? “I thought the reading was awesome because it challenged some of my long-standing beliefs. For example, I never thought about how kids’ toys are organized in the toy section of the local WalMart. It makes sense that girls would prefer pink toys, because that is how they are marketed and presented.” – Again, this statement explains why the article was awesome, and gives a concrete example. Grading Rubric Each reading reflection is worth 50 points. Remember there are no “right or wrong” answers, but I do expect you to back up your statements and elaborate on your ideas and opinions.