complete short discussions due devry 3

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Welcome to week 6! Below is a sample cover letter. Please review and share your first impression of this letter and 3+ things that you would do to improve it. Is there anything good about the letter? Would you interview this candidate? In my next post I will share an “after” version of this same letter. Ready? GO!

First Name Last Name

124 Anywhere Street City, State 87542 (Links to an external site.)

April 4, 2020

Company Name

123 Somewhere Avenue


Welcome to Week 6! One of the biggest objections employers will have to hiring you will likely be your lack of experience in your chosen career field. How can you overcome this objection, that is, sell yourself in your thank you letter if you do not have experience in the field? What can you focus on?


In the reading for this week, Alan Gewirth and Randall Curren discuss the roles of human rights and sustainability, respectively, when considering environmental ethics and technology. In the 21st century, what is the relationship between sustainability and human rights? How does this impact the development of new technologies? Consider a key current technological example and apply to readings for this week to create a simple case study to serve as an example of your reasoning

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