case scenario portfolio there is an example in the pdf its simple just follow the instructions 1

3 pages

Compete the scenario portfolio as shown in the examples in the pdf.

The purpose of the course project is to recognize the concept of criminal law and application as a social control. The student will recognize which criminal law element(s) are applicable to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, in a given scenario.

The Case Scenario is attached



Typed Submission

ï‚· A Title Page With Your Name

ï‚· A Filled Elements of Offense Form With Your Name

ï‚· Work Cited Page Resources ï‚· Canvas/Homepage/Navigation Tool/Assignments


ï‚· Course book ï‚· Scenarios

 Element of Offense Outline – Sample

ï‚· Canvas/Homepage /Penal Code Table of Contents

Look at the sample and formatting in the pdf

Case Scenario is in the image.