5 short answer 250words and 1 essay 800 words question bibliography for each problem

  1. Do not use online or secondary sources. If you do, you will fail this test.
  2. Make direct explicit reference to Winter term course material. If you do not do so, you will fail this test.

You are being evaluated on the basis of the Winter term course material. Draw on a broader range of course texts, not just a few. Textual analysis means that you should be using some quotes (identify the author), but surround them with your own analysis, explanation and observations. Aim for depth and scope: making connections between readings is how you show the scope of your understanding of the course. This especially includes the documentaries (Surviving Progress, The Corporation) and creative readings (Rice, Garrett, Steinbeck and Le Guin). Compare your bibliography to pages 13-18 from the course outline. Did you do enough to show what you learned from the work that you did in the winter term? How many readings did you refer to? Remember that you need to refer to at least 4 in your essay topic alone!