social interaction soc 350 critical thinking paper 2

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For this assignment please write a 5-page paper (not including title/reference pages), answering the critical thinking question below. Please feel free to use the Internet and/or other resources to answer the question in detail.

1. Answer the question.
The question is debatable and about which you can write an argumentative paper. The

point is that you should be trying to convince me of your position.

Critical Thinking Question:

From a sociological standpoint, much of our social interactions can be understood by comparing it to a performance in a play. From this perspective, describe what is meant by dramaturgy and by impression management. Including how they compare to each other. In addition, apply the theory of Ethnomethodology to both concepts as well as how the theory best applies? Please be detailed in your discussion.

2. Do research.

Do research on your topic to inform yourself of both sides of the issue so that you can argue your point as clearly and strongly as possible. You may use the internet, newspapers, journals, or other sources to inform yourself about your topic.

3. Write your paper.

Provide the strongest argument that you can for your issue. Make sure that you follow the proper format clearly stating the issue, your claim, and your premises. Be sure to provide support for your premises. Do your best to avoid vagueness and ambiguity. Please remember to cite your sources and use at least three references.

Your argument, if it is written clearly, would be easily outlined. It may be helpful to outline your own argument either before or after you write it to make sure that it is clear and well structured.

Critical Thinking Analysis Paper #2 Grading Rubric

Assignment Rubric for Grading: Below is the grading rubric for this assignment. Please follow the assignment directions as well as use the grading rubric to complete your assignment. Your paper will be graded according to the grading rubric.

Grading Rubric Section 1: The paper is at least 5 pages in length, typed and double- spaced. The paper follows APA guidelines including a title and reference page with at least 3 references as well as provides in-text citations (10 points).

Please note that if one or more of these requirements are missing you will be deducted the full -10 points.

Grading Rubric Section 2: The paper must answer the questions in full detail and follow the required assignment directions and format: (90 points total).

  • The paper identifies and explains in detail what is meant by dramaturgy and by impression management (30 points total).
  • The paper identifies and explains in detail how dramaturgy and impression management compare to each other (30 points total).
  • The paper identifies and applies in detail the theory of Ethnomethodology to both concepts and how the theory best applies (30 points total). **Please note that 10 points will be automatically deducted if the paper does not follow the assignment formatting requirements such as providing title/reference pages, page length, and the quality of your paper including organization, formatting and following APA guidelines including in-text citations.

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