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For this activity, consider the following:

  • Are you on Linkedin or in an online community where you have an online persona?
  • Are you teaching online and have put any thought into this subject or tried to intentionally build your online persona?
  • Is your online teaching persona identical to your personal persona? Should the two be separated?
  • Do you currently use any of the online tools to create or enhance your instructor presence? How do you (will you) integrate technology to facilitate your online teaching persona?

Now pull it all together – your online teaching persona, teaching philosophy, and the tools, teaching methods and strategies you will be using in your online course. This exercise will ask you to synthesize and define your earlier work to begin to build your course. The questions will help to clarify your online teaching role(s) and responsibility to ensure a successful online course. This will assist you as you begin to design, develop and deliver your online course.

Determine how you might apply your current teaching philosophy and persona in your online course and use the Online Teaching Persona Worksheet to map your plan. Submit your completed plan by clicking above on the title of this activity.

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