engl 110 itdh assignment and lit 202 assignment

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Assignment 1:

Choose one of the following articles, and write a brief report, using the questions below to guide you.

Note: this is a discussion so that everyone can see what everyone else wrote. If you want to, later, you can use this as research for your essay, so feel free to choose an article that seems relevant to the motif/genre you might want to write about later!

Articles (choose 1 and read):

1. “Silenced Women in Grimm’s Tales”

2. “Some Day My Prince Will Come”: Female Acculturation through the Fairy Tale”

3. “Things Walt Disney Never Told Us”

Questions for your report:

1. What’s the main argument of this piece?
2. What are 2-3 key quotes from your article?
3. How might you tie this back to one of Machado’s genres or motifs? Check the full list if you need a reminder.

Assignment 2:

This is just a brief, informal reflection on the whole In the Dream House book!

– Please respond to the following 2 required questions, and any of the 3 optional ones, if you like
– Then, briefly respond to a classmate
– 2 paragraphs written OR a video response (in the toolbar above, click the seventh button from the left, the one that says “Record/Upload Media”). If you record a video, please keep it PG. Feel free to have fun, but keep in mind this is still a professional setting 🙂


  1. What did you think of this book at the end? What did you learn?
  2. Is this a fairytale, ultimately? Why or why not?


  3. Who is the narrator now, at the end of this text? Is she the same person, or different? Why?
  4. How do the individual pieces of the fairytale elements come together as a whole?
  5. What do those elements (motifs, genres, metaphors) add to the meaning of this story?

Assignment 3:

BC Qs, Round 1

Create a list of 3 questions that draw on the themes and characters you have identified, but that also draw on the elements of your book that relate to American Lit.

For instance, think about:

  • How the themes mentioned are controversial, challenging norms.
  • Do any themes address new gender roles or new ways of looking at tradition, convention, or religion?
  • Does the author’s style seem to evoke traditional writing in some way or does it seek to break the mold?
  • Does the author seem to glorify or vilify or just bring into sharp relief a particular human experience that emerged as thematic in early, middle, or late American culture?
  • Is there a quest for truth or identity or freedom from oppression?

Explore these concepts in your questions. These questions are due this week 4/9, 5pm: 20 pts.


  1. Post with your book’s title in the subject line.
  2. As you read your classmate’s work, create a document where cut and paste all the questions for your group. This is where you will record your answers, polish them up and post your work, cut paste again, into forum 2 for the week.
  3. It only takes one post to answer everyone’s work. If for some reason you find you can’t post the whole thing, feel free to post two times. Just title your posts “Answers to X book club [X is the book title], part 1 and part 2.”

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