roject report about construction industry the report should include

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project Report about “Construction Industry”

The Report should include:

  1. A brief history of the industry in the United States. Include any important historical information relating to the industry which might have taken place outside the US and had a significant influence on the industry here.
  1. Current status of the industry in terms of the workforce employed (direct or indirect), technology, geographical distribution etc.
  1. Choose any three of the five forces [ (a) Competition in the industry; (b) Potential of new entrants into the industry; (c) Power of suppliers; (d) Power of customers; and (e) Threat of substitute products] relevant to the industry and describe them in detail. (You will include the other 2 in the final report)
  1. Each of the three forces chosen should be described in separate sections.

The report should be 5-6 pages in length (single-spaced, twelve font and one-inch borders).

Please refer to the rubric I attached

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