discussion post 598

In Chapter 7 we learn about the different types of media and typical media behavior. As emergency managers, you will have to deal with public relations during and after a hazard. The current pandemic has shown us many examples of volunteers and donations from Americans. Emergency Managers have to be prepared to manage volunteers and donations from the community.

Initial post

You need to find an image that illustrates the social costs of social distancing and sheltering in place. You need to post this image with your initial post. The image can be a photo or video.

Your initial post should include the answers to the following questions:

What type of media did you find your image?

What does this image tell you about the human response during this crisis? How does your image support or contradict the information in Chapter 7?

I will tray to send the PDF of this book or give you the name if I could not upload it here, also I will show you the work assignment for my classmate to make it clear for you and understanding what the professor needs ( Do not copy his work please)

Also, I have chosen example video for this assignment please add it whit it. If you have another one and is better than my choice please do it