Please create a document in which you have these 5 elements:

1. An Introduction about your team and where you volunteered, what you accomplished, who you worked with from the company.

2. 3 paragraphs that each relate your team or the organization to a principle from management that we covered in class each year.

3. A conclusion that declares a management principle you learned in class this year or while volunteering, and how will you apply it to your life.

Your document should be a minimum of 500 words long (typed, times new roman, 12 pt. font) but not over 700. You may write in first-person. If you quote materials, please cite them. However, you are not required to cite anything for this assignment. Points WILL be docked for spelling and grammatical errors..

Once completed, submit assignment. Your file name for this assignment and for all other assignments is given in the course syllabus. Please use TEAMLastNameFirstName. “Last Name” and “First Name” are your first and last names.

Submit this assignment in one of the following formats: .pdf .doc or .docx