analysis of variance 4

Three sizes of cars are imported and sold in the Caribbean. The sizes are small, medium and large. A study was undertaken to find out whether the sales of each type of car is equally liked by the Caribbean consumers. Annual sales in hundreds of thousands for each type of car were randomly selected from six Caribbean countries. The table below shows the data for the random sample of sales:

Type of Car

Annual sales of cars
Group Mean
Small 500.0 650.0 566.3 365.5 1054.6 563.3 616.6 Medium 452.3 356.6 400.0 536.6 350.0 201.1 382.8 Large 600.0 402.3 650.0 365.8 675.5 1098.6 632.0

Source of Variation
Sums of Squares
df Mean Squares F
Factors or Treatment
234100.2 *** *** ***
Error *** *** *** Total 917127.9 ***

a. Based on the data from the table above, which type of car is the favorite choice for the average Caribbean? Justify your answer. b. Define the null and alternative hypothesis for the ANOVA model. c. What are the assumptions for the ANOVA model? d. Calculate the missing values for the ANOVA table above. e. What is your conclusion for the ANOVA results?