Hillary Rodham Clinton “Women’s Rights are Human Rights; Mini writing, assignment help

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Mini Writing Assignment:
Please Read: Hillary Rodham Clinton “Women’s Rights are Human Rights;” Sojourner Truth “Ain’t I A Woman?“; “Bartolomeo Vanzetti, to Judge Thayer, upon being sentenced to death, April 9, 1927“; and Clarence Thomas “I Am a Man, a Black Man, an American.” Write a three-page essay wherein you try and account for how the words of two of the speeches construct(ed)/project(ed) qualities of character in the interest of engaging their ends. In your essay consider their intended audiences, the occasions of their speeches, and the social, historical, and culturual positons from which they spoke. Do some comparing and contrasting.

Next, write two paragraphs for two “different” people speaking on the same topic. Preface each paragraph with a brief profile of the “difference” your paragraph is trying to project/sound like and how the words/idioms you chose accomplish this.

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