HINDUISM paraphrase

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1. How Hinduism followers prefer to call their religion which
means the “eternal” way.

2.It evolved from different religious traditions and different ethnic
groups in the area around the Indus river in India and Pakistan

3. Third largest

4. The nature gods:
Indra, god of weather
Agni, god of derive fire

5.No, they worship:
Brahma, the creator
Vishnu, the preserver
Shiva, the destroyer

6.A belief that some of their gods appear on earth taking a form of

7.They believe that last avatars that appeared on earth are Rama,
Krishna and Buddha

8. The story of the life of Krishna
9. The vedas and Upanishads

10. The vedas: Knowledge
Upanishads: Sitting down near (in order to receive instructions
from someone who has the knowledge)

11.An epic tail of two war infections on a family and the struggle
to rule an Asian kingdom

12.Dharma is the natural law that gives harmony and balance to
the universe.

13.Every time when someone dies his soul is sent to enter newly
born body. (To be made flesh again)

14.It’s if the soul is sent from a body to another by reincarnation it
happens again and again until it’s liberated, and this called

15.The sum of your actions in previous states, will appear in your
life again or happen again in your life which impacts a lot of
Hindus way of living.

16. Is a journey of millions of Hindus to city called Varanasi which
is said to be founded by one of their Lords. They go and pray and
take a bath in the river which is believed to purify their souls.

17. A city located in India, where millions of people visit every
year for pilgrimage, it’s said that it was founded by Lord Shiva.

18. Aum
19.A way of worship, as a part of their journey to attain moksha

20. Bakhti Yoga, what conceived by Kishna and documented in
Bahgavad Vita
Karma Yoga, path of right action

21.Mandir is the temple or house for worship in Hinduism, where
they go to pray and take some offerings for god.

22. Most Hindus are vegetarians because they think it’s wrong to
kill animals to eat them, especially cows which considered as holy
thing for them

23.One of the Hindus gods, whis is known to be sitting on a tiger’s
back and fights evil spirits

Diwali :Celebrating the Hindu New Year and triumph of good over
evil and light over darkness. Celebrated by millions of people
around the globe and lasts for 5 days.
Holi:Festival where all people throw colored powder over each
other, this custom goes back to Krishna who threw colored
powder over Radha and her friends.

25.Since Hinduism wasn’t founded as religion in the beginnings, it
has no single founder can be mentioned. It is a culture that
flourished in India and later became a form of religion form of

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