history discussions

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1. Discuss what you consider to be the primary motivating factor that
influenced the Spanish settlement in the New World. Was it greed, an
evangelizing opportunity, power, racism, altruism, or something else? 2. What is the most important reason why settlers in the New England
colonies had a greater life expectancy than those colonials who lived
south of the Chesapeake Bay? 3. Which of the two groups, the Puritans or the Quakers, do you feel is more similar to modern day mainstream Christianity? Why? 4. What unifying forces do you see at work today in this country (if any)? 5. What do you think was the single most important factor leading to the
American victory in the Revolutionary War? Explain why this was your
choice.6. You have studied the various ways that the United States experienced a
nationalistic surge following the War of 1812. Do you see any parallels
with modern times? Do you detect a cultural nationalism in the 2010’s?
How about an economic nationalism? Are we becoming politically closer as
a nation, or are we growing farther apart? Generally speaking, do most
Americans seem to be proud of their country at this time in history? 7 Consider Alexander Hamilton’s and Thomas Jefferson’s competing visions
for America. Which of these visions predominates in today’s United
8.The Constitution has undergone considerable reinterpretation over the years. Discuss one or more of the following:Option A: What is
the Constitutional basis for the “separation of church and state?” Do
you believe that we are currently interpreting that principle in the way
the authors of the Constitution intended?Option B: As part of their freedom of speech, can a person yell “fire” in a crowded theater? Does The Bill of Rights allow citizens to advocate the violent overthrow of the government?Option C: Does The Bill of Rights prohibit the government from enacting any type of gun control or regulation?

Option D: Is not the death sentence “cruel and unusual punishment?”


In order to receive full credit, each contribution must be at least 5 sentences long and demonstrate some historical evidence, in addition to personal opinion. Correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are expected. Do not use “text language,” similar to (c u l8r). Always capitalize the personal pronoun, “I.” Book: https://cnx.org/contents/p7ovuIkl@3.84:udlNhu-X@6/…

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