Chances of Death writing homework help

Essay Choice is should be 7-8 Pages.

these is tow stories…

Be sure about:

1) Does your paper have a clear introduction that refers to the question you are answering, and a clear thesis statement?

2) Do your body paragraphs provide textual evidence ( write and examples from the stories) to support your claims?

3) Does your paper show evidence of higher order thinking ( analysis ve. Just telling what happened the stories)?

4) Does your paper using academic vocabulary qnd transition words?

5) Does your paper have a conclusion that wraps up the main idea of your paper in a simple and concise manner?

6) formating ( double Spaced, 12 point front, indented papragrphs, headings)

7) How well does your paper answer the question ( all parts).

Essay Choice#: Identify a theme that is common in both The Lottery and The Last Leaf. give examples of how this theme is present in each of these two stories.