Homework Discussion Items

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1) What is a disruptive innovation? What is a current example of a disruptive innovation? Why is it disruptive?

2) What strengths and weaknesses do traditional organizational structures provide? How do boundary-less and learning organizations impact strategic capability in a global environment?

3) What was once a focus on domestic enterprise activity, then international, has given way to global enterprise. What unique strategic challenges do functioning in the global environment present relative to achieving competitive advantage and overall enterprise performance?

4) Describe the differences between tangible and intangible resources.

5) Define outsourcing and discuss reasons for its use.

6) Discuss factors affecting the likelihood a competitor will take competitive actions.

7) Define competitors, competitive rivalry, competitive behavior, and competitive dynamics.

8) Describe the relationship between strategy and structure.

9) Discuss the organizational structures used to implement three international strategies.

Please cite any references in APA format/style.

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