Hospital organization external environmental and service area competitor analysis for a new health care service.

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The project tends to have two phases – one is to identify the general/societal and health care industry issues and the second phase deals with service area competitor issues.

Select a health care hospital organization. The CEO of your hospital organization has asked you to make a recommendation for a new health care service and plans as part of the organization’s strategic plans for the upcoming year. You will select a service category and a service area and conduct an external environment and a service area competitor analysis for a new health care service for your selected hospital organization. Be sure to make it clear in your introductory and conclusion paragraphs what the new health care service is and the service area. Also, have a good purpose statement.

I recommend that you select a top 10 hospital in the U.S. One of these top 10 hospitals nearest to your city would be great. See attachment for more information.

-Once the macro issues (general and health care) have been identified, students should complete a competitor analysis for a selected service category and service area.

IMPORTANT: We generally provide the following outline as an initial guide:

    1. Specify the Service Category.
    2. Delineate the Service Area.
      • General
      • Economic
      • Demographic
      • Psychographic
      • Health Status
    3. Perform a Service Area Structure Analysis.
      • Threat of New Entrants
      • Intensity of Rivalry
      • Threat of Substitutes
      • Power of Customers
      • Power of Suppliers
    4. Do a Competitor Analysis.
      • Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Critical Success Factors
      • Strategic Groups
      • Map Competitors
      • Likely Responses of Competitors
    5. What is the new health care service your group has determined is needed and address these 6 questions? (Questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problems solving: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?)
    6. Identify Service Category Critical Success Factors.
    7. Identify and Map Strategic Groups.
    8. Provide a Synthesis.

    A 750-1000 word paper (title page and reference page is not included in the word count) (It is ok to go over in word length.) APAExamples: More ideas for your health care services topic.Physical Rehabilitation Center of TulsaHope Recovery Addiction Center of TulsaMedExpress Urgent Care CenterAberdeen Memory Care of TulsaSt. John’s Health Institute-Heart Rhythm ServicesMental Health/ Family and Children’s ServicesPhysician Center For Weight ManagementDental ImplantsLasik Vision CenterService Category: Long term care, New extended services and facility for the elderly in Sacramento. (Service Area: Plastic Surgery: Opening a two new, high quality plastic surgery clinics) in San Diego (Service Area).

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