How did the decolonization of Jamaica from Britain affect Jamaica’s economy in terms of migration, trade, and status?

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This paper has to be between 10-12 pages about my research topic. I added my professors response to my proposal, literature review, and outline of the paper, so that you could see what he wants specifically. I need 8 citations and also need internal citations in the paper. The literature review is a part of the 10-12 pages and the lit review has to be 3 pages, so the paper is basically 7-9 pages in length. It has to be chicago style. My thesis is:

[CMK1]Status is a very broad concept. What kind of status was affected?

[CMK2]You have an overall argument, which is great. But this thesis needs to be made more specific. What concrete changes occurred in migration, trade, and status. Tell the reader up front more specifically what you will be showing in detail below.

This is just an example of some of the comments my professors writes on my assignments. I really need major help on this paper, and the vocabulary does not have to be too proper because I do not use that high of a vocabulary. College Junior/Senior is the vocabulary I use. I have added

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