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“Assembling a team to work on a project is about having the right mix of skills to see the project through to success” (Baars, 2017). Sometimes when individuals are chosen to be apart of a team, struggling may occur. When doing the Everest Simulation, we really did not struggle in completing the project. As a team, we communicate effectively and efficiently, and we made the decisions that we felt where appropriate through the process of the simulation.

At the beginning of the whole process, as the leader, I struggled with coming to a common ground about the date and time. As the leader, it was a challenge for me because trying to fit my personal and professional life with others was difficult, but I also understood that some team members were in different areas. I learned that even though you may have a plan about how things should go, it just does not work like that. One area that I may have overlooked in the beginning stages was that of having empathy towards my other team members.
Being a leader does come with some unforeseen drawbacks one being recognizing how one’s teammates may feel about a project. Upon working on this project I realize that I should have collectively gathered a general feeling of how each individual team member felt about this particular work. After doing this I undoubtedly would have been able to approach this situation differently and with more understanding of how to be an all-around better leader for the group. This type of empathic thinking in return is something that is beneficial for everyone involved.
Baars, M. (2017). Four Signs a Team Member is Struggling On a Project . Unit 4.

120 words either agreeing disagreeing or relating to

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