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Baroque vs. Renaissance

  • Compare and contrast two works from the Italian Baroque period with two works from the Renaissance. Be sure to note the appearance in the works of the defining characteristics from each period.
  • Discuss why artistic expression shifted from the restrained stoicism of the Renaissance to that of the heightened emotion in the religious and other works of the Baroque.

African Cultural Heritage

  • From the arts of West Africa, what are some characteristics of African cultural heritage?
  • How did their religious beliefs influence their art and music.

Naming Influences that Shaped Neoclassical Art and Architecture

  • Compare and contrast the Rococo and Neoclassical styles, explaining the ways in which each reflects the aims, ambitions, and tastes of the European Enlightenment. Provide specific examples.
  • Describe the influence of politics upon the Neoclassical style of art and architecture and how this style was used for political purposes. Describe specific works in this style, discussing the artists who made them.

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