” Hydronephrosis” , APA style

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Pathology Report Content

All pathology reports should include the following information:

  1. Definition of condition
  2. Pathophysiology

(Description of condition at the cellular level)

  1. Incidence

(Who is at a higher risk of contracting the pathology?)

  1. Etiology

(What is the cause(s)?

  1. Predisposing factors

(What conditions puts someone at risk for contracting the condition?)

  1. Signs and Symptoms

(What are the classic signs and symptoms of the condition?)

  1. Treatment

(What is the best and most common treatment(s) for the condition to either alleviate or treat it?)

  1. Sonographic Appearance

(Sonographic Description and Actual images)

  1. Other Tests

(What other modalities are used in diagnosis – include images if possible)

  1. Discussion:Other miscellaneous information regarding the diagnosis
  2. References
    1. At least THREE (3) other references
    2. APA format Study must be APA format


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