I need a 3-4 page sociology assignment written by Tonight at 11

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This option includes choosing ONE photo project from this webpage (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., viewing all the photos and reading the project information, choosing TWO photos that reflect a sociological theme, finding at least one scholarly sociological research articles on those themes, and writing up how the research and the images relate and what we can learn about society.


  • By the 2nd week of classes: Choose the project from those on the webpage and investigate it. Give yourself plenty of time to dig in and learn about the project and choose the images you want to analyze.
  • As you learn about the project, think about how it connects to what we’re learning. What terms, theories, concepts can help us make sense of what we’re seeing? To find current scholarly sociological research, go to the How to find an academic journal article discussion.
  • You should choose your research article(s) no later than the 4th week of class. That leaves you four weeks to write and edit your work – be sure to make use of the Writing Center!
  • Look at – and follow – the outline below and re-read as needed to get started.
  • Submit your work as a pdf file. Whatever program you use to write it, “print to” or “save as” a pdf file.. then upload it.


  1. Brief introduction to the photography project (and artist) and the theme you are analyzing.
  2. Discussion of your theme, Two photos (links or the photos), and related research. (This should be the largest section of the paper)
  3. Conclusions. (what can we learn about society from your analysis?)
  4. List of references. Be sure to include the photographs you have chosen – or a link to them on the original site – so that the reader can also see them.

(For example, if you see a project that depicts traditional gender themes – men as dominant, women as subordinate – you can find sociological research on traditional gender roles and gendered socialization (or more specific topics), and use the research to analyze the images and how they depict those themes.)

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