I need help with answering history questions

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Each answer should be 1 page and the average for all four questions and their individual parts are normally 4 pages.You do not have to cite your sources.

  1. Compare Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction, the Wade –Davis Bill, Johnson’s plan, and Radical Reconstruction. Evaluate the successes and failures of Reconstruction.
  2. Who were the “Captains of Industry” and how did they play a major role in the economic development of the United States? Would you describe the entrepreneurs of the late nineteenth century as “robber barons” or “captains of industry”?
  3. What philosophies of the late nineteenth century helped industrialists rationalize their methods and power? What elements in their philosophies would you agree with and what would you disagree with? What factors were not considered in these ideas?
  4. What factors shaped the growth of labor unions during the Gilded Age? Compare the aims and achievements of the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor and the Industrial Workers of the World.

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